Auto Vs Manual Money War

Imagine entering a program for $5-$25 and receiving $1 million + over the next 2 years!
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Hello my name is Daniel Menard and thank you for viewing my website.

Whether you are here by accident or are looking for a financial miracle, if you believe what you see and act today your financial life will change forever. Automatic vs Manual Money War is a program that will provide you with the security of having a residual long term income on the Auto Track and a program that can work very quickly to help you get out of debt and provide a comfortable cushion of cash within a short time on the Manual Track.

Within this program you will find people working together to recruit others for the greater good of everyone on board. With this model everyone will only have 4 people placed below them to get into the 2 different tracks. For the Manual track you will have 5 people that will be assigned to you that will follow you into each step. This will work faster for you if you are able to personally recruit people whether you get into the mail marketing aspect of this program or you invite friends and family to join. If people are referring more than 4-5 new members, then they will be helping build beneath other team members. That is where the teamwork comes in.

If you are concerned about not being able to refer 2 people much less 4 then I have a solution for that. There are 3 different levels in which you can come in. It is my personal belief that everyone can afford the highest level. But most people will come in at the middle. The 3 levels are called Neutral, 2 Wheel Drive, and 4 Wheel Drive and are outlined below:

Neutral: $5 you are entered into the Auto VS Manual program and need 4 referrals to move into the 1st gear of both the Auto and Manual tracks.

2 Wheel Drive: $15; $5 enters you into the Auto VS Manual program; $10 enters you into the 1st gear of the Manual Track (5with10). You will receive 3 entries that will be eligible to go through the Auto Track. You will only need 2 referrals per entry to enter them into the Auto Track. After 6 referrals you will have 3 entries that are going through the Auto Track.

4 Wheel Drive: $25; $5 enters you into the Auto VS Manual program; $10 enters you into the 1st gear of the Manual Track(5with10); $10 enters one entry into the Auto Track. You will have 4 extra entries that will go through the Auto Track for a total of 5. Each entry will enter the Auto Track after 2 referrals per entry are placed below them.

Jump Start Bonus- Anyone that starts in 4 wheel drive will have 5 total entries that will be eligible to go down the auto track. One is placed into the 1st gear and the other 4 need to have 2 personal referrals each to move into the 1st gear of the Auto track. As a Jump Start incentive anyone that comes in the 4 Wheel Drive level will receive the $25 back that they paid for that level if they have 8 different personal referrals within 30 days of receiving their Flyer. That will not only get them their 5 referrals they need for the Manual track but will put the other 4 entries into the 1st gear of the auto track. Whether their referrals come in with $5 or $25 they will still get the bonus.

Whether you come into Neutral or 4 Wheel Drive, you will still qualify to earn a great amount of money. Remember that this program will be about teamwork and helping each other out in Mail Marketing. It has been my experience that everyone for themselves gets us nowhere except in a lot of programs that don’t work in and of themselves without teamwork. That is why you will see in this one that you are being placed into other programs ran by different monitors that fit this model.

I hope that we can work together to become financially free.

If you have any questions about how this Money War will play out feel free to contact Daniel by emailing him at To view each track at greater detail select the links above.

Thank you and God Bless,
Daniel Menard